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                                                             Please read if you are ordering Custom Apparel, Uniforms or Team Gear.

All orders are based on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee any client a spot on our order waitlist until a deposit has been made.

Before we accept deposit, we will discuss order details with client, which include design, quantity, turnaround time, total amount due, and deposit required. We will then sign a contract stating all the details and expectations we discussed.

The deposit is 50% of the entire order amount. 

The prices listed on the site do not include taxes or shipping cost. This will be added to final invoice. Payment methods we accept include cash, check, debit/credit cards after pay, cash app, apple pay, and pay pal.

A minimum of 50% of the final invoice total is due prior to the start of production. The remaining amount is due at least 5 days before we ship the order. Our payment system can take up to 5 days to process and deposit payments. This is why we require final payment days before shipping.

If you are using After Pay as a payment please note that we do not receive funds immediately from After Pay. We can not start production or ship order until after pay has deposited funds into our account.

At the time of the order, we will discuss a date that the order is anticipated to be done. The remaining payment should be available on that day. If client is not able to make payment at that time, a holding fee will be added to remaining balance. The holding fee is 10% of entire order total. After 4 weeks, client forfeit's entire order.

Once an order is started, we do not allow cancellations or changes. Any changes will require additional payment. 

Terms & Conditions

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